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Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.

Every single one of us has experienced trauma to one degree or another.

What is trauma?

It can be anything from a history of childhood physical and sexual abuse, neglect, bullying, to being laughed at for making mistakes. Trauma can also be a series of unrelated negative events that just add up over time.

Sometimes it is an isolated incidence, and other times it can be passed down from generation to generation within your family. Either way, something happened to you and you have tried to avoid it but you just can’t any longer.

I could bore you with the medical terms of how our brains process trauma and take you through the neurological processes that occur, but the most important thing you need to understand is that you are not alone and that what happened to you is not your fault

What does trauma look like?

Trauma Therapy in Dallas

It manifests itself in anxiety, depression, and makes you feel incapable, unworthy, and like a somebody who deserves bad things to happen to them.

You feel like you should be able to handle what happened to you on your own. And maybe you have been able to push it aside for a while and go on with your life. But now, it has caught up to you and you don’t know what to do with it anymore.

Actually talking about your trauma story to someone who receives it with empathy is proven to cut shame off at the knees. You have to learn to “speak shame” and call it out by name in order to squash it.

Everyone reacts differently to trauma. There is no right or wrong way to respond. Often, we are unaware of past trauma because we have either subconsciously shoved it down so far that we can’t remember it, or because we minimize the impact of certain events. 

Trauma changes the lens through which you see things. It alters your perception of people and events. This perception usually does not align with what is truly (factually) happening.

But you can’t help that at the moment.


At its worst, trauma teaches you to view the world by constantly being on guard and detecting threats and that can be exhausting.

Trauma does a number on your physical state by gifting you with headaches, weight gain/loss, and other not-so-fun effects. Not to mention, it’s incredibly stressful.

What if I could help you to rewrite your trauma experience and help you get your power back?

Together, we can change your trauma story and strengthen your resilience in confronting your past. You can learn skills to deal with ongoing or future traumatic events that will serve you, and keep you emotionally healthy and regulated.

As a Certified Trauma Specialist, I work with my clients on  INTEROCEPTION.

In plain English, this means that we work on understanding your body and reading it for signals of distress while also literally and physically relaxing your body and bringing your logical thinking back on track when you are emotionally activated. Click HERE to learn more.

It can really screw up your life if you don’t address it.

You are more than your negative experiences.

If you think you would like to talk about it with someone who understands and can help you unpack the heavy load that you are carrying, click on the phone consultation link below.

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