Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

You have spent time searching for therapists, Googling keywords such as ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SEXUAL ABUSE, PANIC ATTACKS, ANGER.

Maybe you have been to other therapists but have not connected well with them or their personality and approach just wasn’t for you.

And you landed here. Which is a good thing, because I
can help you get unstuck in the never-ending cycle you are in.


I was one of those people who Googled those exact words. I experienced some heavy stuff that got in the way of my happiness, relationships, work. LIFE. Therapy helped me get out of my own way and changed the way I approach things and handle adversity. I want to do the same for you.



My clients appreciate that I am REAL and focused on being open and honest

I truly believe that everyone has the capacity for resilience. Sometimes, you just need a little help accessing that part of yourself.

I approach therapy in both a caring and direct manner and believe that the most successful outcomes happen when there is collaboration. 

What to expect when working with me

Everyone is different, and lived experiences are varied and unique. In my view, what is universal to everyone is respect, courtesy, empathy, and validation. Nothing you say or do will surprise me or make me think less of you. 

You will be heard and UNDERSTOOD.

You will learn how trauma and negative experiences affect not only your overall mental health but also your mind (as in your actual brain).

I can help you understand why you have behaved in certain ways throughout your life and maybe even what is behind some of the life decisions you have made.

I want to arm you with the ability to have grace towards yourself, and experience a peace that you may not have in a long time.

We can work together to get you unstuck from emotional and behavioral patterns that aren’t working and have control over your emotions, and ultimately get your life back.

As a certified Life Coach and Counselor, I tend to use a combination of concrete, directive coaching along with mindfulness and theoretical approaches. I guess you could say I am very eclectic in my practice.


  • MA in Counseling from Northwestern University
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Trauma Specialist
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish is my first language. And no, I don’t have an accent in either English or Spanish). If I drink a couple of glasses of wine, I can speak French and Italian, but I don’t know if anyone else can understand what I’m saying, including myself.

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