You have zero, I mean ZERO desire to do anything.

You can’t seem to find it in you to care. You are isolating yourself from your friends and family and all you really want to do is lie around in comfy pajamas and watch mindless television to escape the reality of your life.

Maybe you are eating too much. Or too little.

Maybe you are drinking too much or self-medicating in other ways to cope.

There may be days when things start to look up, but they don’t last. You feel like nobody will understand and it’s embarrassing to talk about to others.

I mean, you have a job, people who love you, a good life. So why are you so sad?

It certainly doesn’t help when people tell you that you have no reason to be depressed. Or even better, when you are told to “smile” or “stop moping around”.

Am I right?

Therapy for Depression in Dallas

Depression hurts physically and emotionally. Sometimes it’s caused by a history of abuse, sometimes it’s bullying or being shamed by others. It could also be genetic.

Depression also comes with a gift-with-purchase of weight gain, sleep problems, accelerated aging, and anxiety, to name a few not-so-fun things.

Depression is a by-product of continually living in a state of not having your needs met, either from within yourself or the environment you are currently living in. It may be trying to tell you that:

  • you need to change your environment
  • you need to address something from your past
  • your lifestyle is too stressful
  • you are bottling up painful feelings
  • you are in need of self-care
  • you need to find someone who understands

There is a way out of this crappy black hole. You can find meaning and purpose.

We can work through exploring the root cause of your depression and develop self-care skills, boundaries, and build self-confidence to help you get out from under this.

It won't get better overnight, but it will get better.

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