Here it goes again.

Your chest is tight. Can’t breathe. And it seems to just come out of the blue.

Say hello to your unwelcome friend, Panic Attack.

Your friends and family tell you that you “need to calm down” or “just take deep breaths”. And you feel like you are having a heart attack.

You want off this train.


Some anxiety is good for us. It can be useful to motivate us or clue us into a potentially dangerous or bad situation. But the kind of anxiety you are experiencing is a FALSE ALARM. Anxiety, like depression, LIES. It tells us that we need to be scared and takes over our lives.

Anxiety can be a result of past trauma and it’s oftentimes best friends with depression.

Right now, it is controlling you and it gets in the way of everything and you want your power back. 

Having an unhealthy level of anxiety means that you need to address something.

It manifests itself in physical, psychological and behavioral ways. Some common symptoms include:

  • second-guessing
  • pushing loved-ones away
  • avoidance
  • isolation
  • excessive worry
  • lack of sleep
  • obsessive thinking
  • racing heart rate
  • restlessness
  • feeling on-edge
  • lack of control over your emotions and behaviors

Getting to the root of the issue, whether it is something that you are avoiding, or that has happened, or that you think will happen, is the number one priority.

We will work through making sense of where your anxiety is coming from. I can show you ways to manage it using mindfulness techniques


(meditation, breathing exercises, learning to identify where we feel things in our bodies) and education on how our amazing brains process information and send us into fight, freeze or flight mode, to name a few.

Just imagine how it would be to feel secure and to have the ability to control anxious thoughts that are taking over your life.

What if you could confidently say that you are no longer available for things that make you feel like shit?

There are many ways to manage anxiety, and we will find what works best for you.

Together, we can work to kiss that crappy and crippling feeling goodbye. 

You will learn how to manage your anxiety by implementing skills that not only resonate with you but also make sense and fit with your lifestyle.  Imagine having control of your anxiety and figuring out what triggers it in the first place.

It is Liberating.

Let’s make anxiety and panic attacks your bitch. If I could learn, you can, too.

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