You are pissed off.

Like pissed off at everyone and everything. It’s like you are a ball of frayed nerves and the slightest thing just ticks you off.

You can see that it is not rational to be so angry and fly off the handle, but you can’t seem to stop it. No matter how many deep breaths you take, or how many talks you have with yourself to just calm the hell down.

Anger is a core piece of survival responses in humans. It helps us to cope with stress by giving us the energy to keep going in the face of trouble. In fact, anger can be a sign of healing.

But it can create MAJOR problems in your personal life and push loved-ones away. Especially when it is your go-to emotion.

Therapy for Anger in Dallas

Do you have a reason to be angry? I am betting you do.

It’s what you do with your anger that matters. There is a time and a place for anger. We can work to use it to serve you by expressing it in a way that is healthy.

Anger is frequently a response to trauma and abuse. It’s also usually masking the true emotions you are feeling. Beneath anger, there is fear, hurt, shame, confusion, and self-sabotage. So, getting pissed off is a lot easier than dealing with those fun emotions, right?

Learning to temper anger and use it appropriately takes time, understanding the origin, and self-regulation skills.

Imagine the feeling of freedom you will have when you understand the underlying reasons behind your anger. All that time you used to spend being upset and pushing the people who love you away, can now be used for way more fun things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

It is possible to not live in a state constant pissed-offendedness.

What would it look like to be able to let things go and focus on the good stuff in life? 

Let me help you control your anger, rather than it controlling you.

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